• What Is TECOM Conf?

    TECOM Conf is China's first tech and entrepreneur communities conference. Our goal is to bring together members of the local and international scenes to build a diverse and inclusive community. Each year, TECOM Conf brings the most dynamic, engaging, and vibrant communities, startups, incubators, and innovative corporates under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.
    TECOM Conf是中国第一个专门为科技创业者社群举办的大会。我们的目标是将本地国际社群的成员汇聚在一起,以建立一个逐年扩展的更多元化,更具包容性的社群。每年TECOM Conf会带领最有活力、凝聚力、影响力的科技创业者社群汇聚一堂,让他们充分展示各自的价值理念,并与他们一起探讨科技创业者社群所面临的各种机遇挑战
    We hope with TECOM Conf we not only facilitate, strengthen, and promote China’s tech and entrepreneurial scene but also provide the bridge between corporates, startups, and professionals of various industries to connect, integrate and innovate without borders.
    我们希望TECOM Conf不仅能协助、加强并促进中国的科技与创业领域发展,而且可以为大企业,初创企业和相关行业的专业人士之间提供联结与融合,使(创)新无止境

  • SPEAKERS  分享嘉宾

    We invited founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, academia, and government representatives to share with us their experiences and lessons, industry insights, practical tips, and help to answer what comes next.

    Celina Huang

    Standing Vice Director

    Shanghai Technology Innovation Center

    Fan Ling



    Janice Tsang

    Head of Innovation

    Porsche China

    Jonathan Woetzel

    Senior Partner

    McKinsey & Company

    Patrik Sandin

    Director, Ventures & Growth

    Ericsson One

    Stella Zheng

    Head of China

    500 Startups

    Hong Wa Poon

    Senior Digital Scout at BI X

    Boehringer Ingelheim

    Alex Roberts



    Philippe Obry

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Aden Group

    Eric Oetting

    Founder & CEO

    Planet O

    Olivia Plotnick


    wai social

    Alex Duncan

    Co-founder & Product Lead


    Lei Niu

    Corporate Innovation Director


    Ching-Ping Lin

    Corporate Innovation Program Director

    SOSV Chinaccelerator

    Larry Wang

    Founder & Managing Director


    Richard Brubaker


    Collective Responsibility

    Victor Chi Sun

    Founder & Creative Director

    Chi Mu Branding & Design

    Eric Liu

    Co-Founder & CTO


    Taiwing Tian



    Arthur Yeh

    Service Design Facilitator

    TeamPlus Solutions

    Sean Xiao


    TeamPlus Solutions

    Matt Spriegel

    Founder & CEO


  • STARTUPS 初创企业

    TECOM Conf Startup Runway brings together budding entrepreneurs to collaborate and thrive. It is a platform where startup entrepreneurs can showcase their ventures, meet investors, engage with government organizations, attend knowledge sessions, network with business experts, pitch their projects, explore and find partnership opportunities and potential customers. This year La French Tech invited some of the startups from their community to join the Startup Runway as well.
    TECOM Conf Startup Runway汇集了崭露头角的企业家,相互合作并蓬勃发展。它是一个聚合平台,创业企业家可以在此平台上展示自己的企业,与投资者见面,与政府组织建立友好关系,参加知识会议,与业务专家进行交流,推销他们的项目,探索并找到合作机会和潜在客户。今年,La French Tech也邀请了他们社群中的一些初创公司加入了Startup Runway。

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    A startup incubator is a collaborative program designed to help startups succeed. Choosing the right incubator will help to get the required resources, funding, market access, government grants, etc. TECOM Conf Incubator Space is supported by GATEWAY Community. Out of all the incubator partners, GATEWAY Community is bringing a dozen handpicked incubators to showcase how they help startups to grow.
    创业孵化器是一个旨在帮助创业公司成功的合作项目。选择合适的孵化器将有助于获得所需的资源、资金、市场准入、政府拨款等。TECOM Conf孵化机构板块创业首站大力支持。在所有参展的孵化机构中,其中十二家来自创业首站,展示它们何帮助初创企业成长。


    Tech and entrepreneur communities are the backbone of the innovation ecosystem. Communities encourage their members to collaborate, share ideas and learn. They foster growth and development. Get to know the community heroes at TECOM Conf Community Alley.
    技术与创业者社群是创新生态系统的中坚力量。社群鼓励其成员合作,分享想法,不断学习。他们促进成员的持续增长和发展。来TECOM Conf Community Alley,具体了解这些社群领袖吧。

    Startup Grind Shanghai

    Slush China


    Ladies Who Tech


    She Loves Tech

    Hult Prize China



    Monday Morning Motivation


    Le Wagon

    La French Tech

  • JOB FAIR 招聘会

    We are excited to announce our collaboration with Le Wagon to make this job fair bigger and better!




    Join the workshop to learn from entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and industry professionals. There will be 6 workshops in total covering topics from marketing to fundraising to career development. Please notice that two workshops happening in parallel, select the ones you want to attend while registering for this event.

    Startup Fundraising 101.

    Stella Zheng, Head of China at 500 Startups | 9:00-10:00

    Almost every entrepreneur doesn't know how to raise funds effectively at the beginning of setting up a business. Startup fundraising 101 workshop will tell entrepreneurs the things that they must know from pitching to negotiating, from storytelling to due diligence. It will unlock what investors are truly looking at from a venture capitalist's perspective.

    How To Drive & Manage Your Own Career Development In Today's VUCA World.

    Larry Wang, Founder and Managing Director of Zhishangwang and Wang & Li Asia Resources | 9:00-10:00

    In today’s world of uncertainty and change, you can’t rely on others to look after your career development. You want a practical approach for developing the key capabilities and experience you need for your success. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:


    - Be more proactive and agile to address your development needs

    - Take greater advantage of what’s available to you

    - Turn your challenges into opportunities


    Find out how to get what you need from your daily job situation while contributing more in your role.

    WeChat on a Budget - Avoid costly mistakes & create a long-term strategy for success.

    Olivia Plotnick, Founder at wai social | 12:00-13:00

    WeChat is China’s super app, but most companies approach this channel completely wrong, resulting in wasted money and time. As a startup, you have neither to lose! This workshop will give you ready-to-implement strategies and tactics to make sure you’re putting your resources to good work and setting yourself up for long-term success and not just short-term wins.

    How to build the Innovation Capability Combining Action and Research.

    Sean Xiao and Arthur Yeh of TeamPlus Solutions | 12:00-13:00

    Action research is a philosophy and methodology of research generally applied in social sciences. It inspires transformative change any Innovative professional or business executive dreamed of, through the simultaneous process of taking action and doing research.

    Corporate executives and HR generally wish to start the Innovation via Training. Here we would talk about how to shift and elevate the training perspective to learning/research, and combine them seamlessly with Action which directly leads to the changes in the Innovation. This can also help Innovation Hub, Incubators, or startups to think about how to build the innovation capability as a system, and ignite the fire of Innovation in this system, and finally drive Innovation in this system more effectively and efficiently.

    Reaching a collaboration between MNC and institution.

    Lei Niu, Corporate Innovation Director at XNode | 13:00-14:00

    What’s next to drive innovation and digital transformation in a corporate aside from innovative sharing, hackathon, pitch event, innovation bootcamp, corporate VC, innovation center set-up? Finding tech in university labs might be one. Join the workshop session with real case study to discuss more and identify the potential pitfalls.

    Building Great Products that Users Love: UI/UX Workshop.

    Alex Duncan, Co-founder of KAWO | 13:00-14:00

    Building great software takes empathy and immense attention to detail and if you are successful users will hardly notice what an awesome job you did. Alex has lead product at KAWO since he co-founded the company in 2013. In this workshop, he'll share practical advice based on 8 years of experience building a B2B SaaS platform from MVP to profitability and winning the trust of top international brands.


    You will learn:
    - The challenge of SaaS vs Service
    - How to avoid scope creep
    - What parts of the UX are important to focus on
    - How to balance business vs user needs


    This guide features tech and entrepreneur communities, incubators, accelerators, innovative corporates, and startup service providers. It is a must-have guide for every single entrepreneur and innovative corporate!
    Files are over 10M. It takes a couple of minutes to download.
    Download 下载 TECOM Conf Shanghai 2019
    Download 下载 TECOM Conf Beijing 2019
    Download 下载 TECOM Conf Shanghai 2020


    It is crucial for individuals and teams to have timely access to resources, advice, consultation, and guidance, so it saves time and reduces costs. To better serve our community and utilize our network more efficiently we are adding another section at TECOM Conf called Ask Me Stand. Several stands will be covering different topics from tech to fundraising to legal to visa to insurance, etc. Stands and topics will be marked on the map so it is easy to locate them. Pencil down all the questions you have and bring them to TECOM Conf.
    无论对于个人或团队,快速有效地获取资源、建议、咨询和指导都至关重要,这样可以节省时间并降低成本。为了更好地服务于我们的社群并更有效地发挥社群内的社交连接,本次TECOM科创大会增加了一个新模块,叫做Ask Me Stand。该服务将涵盖不同主题的咨询项目,从技术到筹款、法律、签证、保险等。咨询站点和每个咨询主题都会在大会地图上标记出来以便查找。准备好你所有的疑问,带到TECOM科创大会来吧。
    CoderBunker: tech
    Kudosbay: company registration and visa
    Abacare: insurance

  • CO-HOSTS 联合主办

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  • PARTNERS 合作伙伴

  • TEAM 团队

    This is a time of big changes for industries across China. At TECOM Conf, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, academia, and government representatives to ask a simple question: What's next? As a partner, you can help us ask that question. Talk to our team about how TECOM Conf can help your company meet its goals.


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