• What Is TECOM?

    TECOM is China's first Tech and Entrepreneur COMmunities conference. TECOM 2019 brings the most dynamic, engaging and vibrant communities under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the metropolis of Shanghai.


    TECOM will host the Digital Talent Job Fair where Shanghai’s most exciting tech and innovation-driven companies will be looking for promising and passionate talents.


    TECOM is born to facilitate, strengthen and promote China's tech and entrepreneurial scene.



  • Meet Our Speakers

    Paul Wong

    Vice President - Innovation, Explorium

    Marian Danko

    Founder/CEO, weHustle (China Classifieds)

    Amanda Ma

    Marketing Director, InnoSpace

    Harish Krishna

    Senior Engineering Director, WeWork Greater China

    Oscar Ramos

    Managing Director, Chinaccelerator

    Matthieu Bodin

    Regional Manager Greater China, Techstars

    Erik Walenza-Slabe

    Director, Startup Grind Shanghai

    Rachel Daydou

    Vice President, IPWS

    Brady Luo

    Co-founder & CEO, everiToken public chain

    Charlene Liu

    Co-founder, Ladies Who Tech

    Thea Li

    Labs Manager, WeWork Labs China

    Jonas Wolf

    Director, AngelHack China

    Chris Zhang,

    Program Manager, Chinaccelerator

    Luuk Eliens

    Head Of Innovation, XNode

    Dounan Hu

    Program Director, Le Wagon

    Yuchen Zhang

    Program Leader, Startup Leadership Program

    Luis Sarre

    Co-founder, Free Entrepreneurs

    Fei Feng

    Women Tech Lead, GDG Manager of Shanghai, 36Kr

    Mars Alireza Pouyan

    Founder, GBC

    Sihao Kuo

    Team, Startup Grind Shanghai

    Gianmarco Meli

    Lead, Future Food Institute

    Lin Liu

    Head of BD, Slush China

    Tommaso Sora

    Founder/CEO, SMALLCHINA.cn

    Lucien Pang

    Founder/CEO, GenNow Communications

    Jessie Huang

    Community Leader APAC, Agorize

    Amado Trejo

    Ambassador to China, Seedstars

    Camila Ghattas

    Futurologist and Entrepreneur

  • Tech & Entrepreneur Communities

  • Workshops

    Raising Funding in China: Review, Edit, & Pitch!


    nihub Innovation Center is a leading service platform for entrepreneurs and startups looking to scale in the Chinese market, focusing on investment and financial advisory.


    Aside from funding, nihub also provides a range of operational services to help entrepreneurs enter the market including business registration, co-working, market research, marketing & PR, etc.


    Workshop / Roadshow will include:


    Workshop: 9:00AM - 10:00AM

    • How to structure, design, and orient your pitch deck to the Chinese market and investors.

    • Key factors and considerations for raising funding in China.

    • Peer review - compare presentations, pitches, business models, and open up to a Q&A.


    Pitch Deck Submission: 10:00AM - 1:00PM

    • Edit and work on your pitch deck

    • Submit for internal review before 1:00PM


    Internal Review: 1:00PM - 3:00PM

    • nihub Innovation Center, weHustle, and investor panel will review submission and select 5 - 10 startups to pitch


    Roadshow: 4:00PM - 4:45PM

    • Selected projects pitch to a panel comprised of nihub, weHustle, partner investors, and audience.

    • Feedback and ratings of 1 - 10 are given for each project taking in consideration their business model, technology & IP, market acumen, team experience, etc.

    • 3 winners will be selected and awarded the following…



    • Company Registration

    • Office @ nispace (Hangzhou; 1 year)

    • nihub Investment Services (financial advisory; Investor Matchmaking)



    • Must have existing Business Plan / Pitch Deck prepared (ppt format)

    • Must have existing project / service, business model, team, etc.

    • Official company registration not required.

    Better Performing During Job Interviews


    Qalista supports professionals & graduates seeking employment opportunities in international companies by providing tailored face to face trainings aimed at adapting their interview communication skills in order to better target and successfully attain their desired positions.

    With TECOM 2019 lasting one day, a wide range of content being displayed and many companies present, how will you efficiently reach an optimum amount of recruiters present while making sure you stand out in their minds?


    The answer is: through an efficient, prepared, well-tailored introduction pitch.


    To perform it well you should:


    • Understand which skills recruiters are looking for the most.
    • Display your own skills relevantly, using examples and results.
    • Keep it short! 2-3 minutes max.


    During TECOM 2019, Qalista will hold a 40-minute presentation to help you understand how to prepare and complete an efficient pitch in order to help interviewers remember you and increase your chances of getting your targeted positions!


    Throughout the day, Qalista will further be available at their booth to support you and give you tips on how to communicate with recruiters present and how to best prepare for the interview processes that will come next.

    WeChat for Events - Tips to Get the Most Out of WeChat for Event Marketing


    31Ten is a digital agency specialized in building tailor-made web applications with a strong focus on WeChat: Mini Programs, "H5" or integrations with existing customer-facing or enterprise-grade solutions. In 3 years of existence, we have served 40+ brands across 90+ projects.


    Workshop will include:

    • Training about how and why use WeChat for an event with different solutions
    • How to engage the consumer in 3 steps : digitization of the event with WeChat : before, during, and after the event.
    • Discussion about opportunities to use WeChat for their events : with case studies, metrics, interviews from experts and so on…
  • Digital Talent Job Fair

    Please click on the logo to see available positions.

    Morning batch 9:00-12:00

  • Afternoon batch 13:00-16:00

  • Organizers


    weHustle is a community of international professionals who are passionate about innovation. We are all hustlers looking to accelerate our growth, build networks around startups, scaleups, and corporates.


    Our mission is to foster the highest quality pool of innovators and innovation-lovers in China.


    weHustle brings Chinese-English bilingual and foreign professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and tech-builders together through events listing, directory and job board.


    Explorium is a value-generating ecosystem where businesses, start-ups, incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists collaborate to explore disruptive technologies that are reshaping global supply chain and new retail in the digital era. Created by Fung Group, Explorium, is a trailblazing experimental platform for seamlessly integrating new technology applications with business model innovation, to transform and advance the supply chain and retail industries. Our Experience Centre, Innovation Hub and Collaboration Space showcase the technology and concept behind New Retail, allowing guests to explore and experience the Smart Supply Chain of the future.

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  • "Unboxing Tech and Entrepreneur Ecosystem" Guide

    Pre-order while registering for this event!

    This guide/booklet will feature tech and entrepreneur communities, incubators, accelerators, and startup service providers. It is a must have guide for every single entrepreneur and corporate innovator in Shanghai!

  • Partner Event

    Chinaccelerator 8X8 Speakers Series Shanghai

    8 Speakers 8 Lessons:
    What you should know to run a business in China


    Inspired by the experiences of the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup.


    Twice a year, Chinaccelerator – the 1st accelerator in Asia – invites 8 of our mentors – serial entrepreneurs and investors – to share their experiences on starting up in China and beyond for 8 minutes.


    At a time of great uncertainty and opportunity for industry upon industry, we aim to leverage our network in Beijing and Shanghai to deliver the most valuable insights for entrepreneurs, and also take the lead to create a friendly and welcoming place for all diverse talents to exchange ideas and connect with each other. Meet your future investors, co-founders, advisors, partners and friends here!

    Chinaccelerator’s latest batch Batch 15 will showcase their business in front of you! They are from e-commerce, blockchain, travel, AI and other areas.


    Free food and drinks served.


    MIXPACE, No.1398 Yuyuan Road, Shanghai 米域 上海市愚园路1398号


    NOTE! If you are attending TECOM Conf, select Chinaccelerator 8x8 Speakers Series while signing up, your ticket will be valid for both events. If you are NOT attending TECOM Conf, please register directly on the Chinaccelerator website.

  • Our Team

    Marian Danko

    CEO/Founder, weHustle

    Wenny Huang

    Community Manager, Exploruim

    Ivan Oleksii


    Kate Shao

    Tech Recruiter, K2 Partnering Solutions

    Denis Gierczak

    Event Manager, weHustle

    Kay Xu

    Director, WeDiscover

    Rebecca Liang

    Lead, WeWork Labs

    Sally Sun

    HR Specialist, weHustle