• What Is TECOM Conf?

    TECOM Conf is China's first Tech and Entrepreneur Communities conference. TECOM Conf brings the most dynamic, engaging and vibrant Communities, Startups, Incubators, and Innovative Corporates under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.


    TECOM Conf是中国第一个专门为科技创业者社群举办的大会。TECOM Conf将带领最有活力、凝聚力、影响力的科技创业者社群汇聚一堂,让他们充分展示各自的价值理念,并与他们一起探讨,在上海这样的国际大都市背景下,科技创业者社群所面临的各种机遇与挑战。


    TECOM Conf is born to facilitate, strengthen and promote China's tech and entrepreneurial scene.


    TECOM Conf的诞生以协助、强化并推动中国的科技创业发展为使命。

  • Speakers 主讲人

    On Main Stage, tech entrepreneurs, executives and managers will deliver several keynote speeches and host two panel discussions. Ten startup pitches will also be presented by startup founders.

    Howard Wang

    Assistant General Manager

    Caohejing Innovation Center

    Wenny Huang

    Community Manager


    Zhou Yong


    Alibaba GET Network

    Rachel Daydou

    China General Manager


    Sebastien Gaudin


    The CareVoice

    Marie Chavanon

    Head of Innovation

    Sanofi China

    Thibault Genaitay

    Head of China

    Le Wagon

    Frederic Bazin



    Jill Tang


    Ladies Who Tech

    Marian Danko


    weHustle & TECOM Conf

    Hong Wa Poon

    PMO and Manager

    Merck Innovation Hub

    Thomas Knoop

    CEO & Owner

    Livecom China

    Clement Ledormeur

    General Manager


    Alex Duncan

    Co-Founder & Product Lead


    Jade Hsiao

    Acceleration Manager


    Ying Wu



    Pavel Liser

    Head of Corporate Development

    Le Wagon

    Eddie Tsai

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Human Things

    Sunny Ting


    Startup Grind Shanghai

    Gina Li

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Beach Creative Technology

    Kevin Feng



    Oscar Ramos

    Managing Director


    Warren Li

    Startup Business Development


    Nishtha Mehta

    Corporate Innovation Coach


  • Community 社群

    Learn about and connect with the tech and entrepreneur communities which link up Shanghai’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and change-makers at Community Alley. A dozen of communities will introduce their communities through rollups and explain how you can get involved.

    See the community descriptions here.

  • Corporate 企业伙伴

    Innovative corporates combine the flexibility of a startup with the ample resources of a large company to drive innovation. Join Merck, Tophatter, and other cutting-edge corporates in their booths at Corporate Cluster as they discuss how they foster innovation and share insights.

    See the company descriptions here.

  • Startup 初创企业

    Meet with the founders and teams of ~20 promising startups at their booths in Startup Runway to learn about their innovative business models, share ideas and network.

    See the company descriptions here.

  • Incubator 孵化机构

    Incubators work closely with startups to develop their businesses. Visit 11 incubators at their booths in Incubator Space to discuss how they support startups and cultivate talent.

    See the company descriptions here.

  • Workshops 工作坊

    Join entrepreneurs and tech managers as they host workshops on startup strategies, cutting-edge industry trends and professional development.

    Are you a hipster, a hacker, or a hustler? Discover who you are and how you can switch to the tech industry!

    by Pavel Liser, Le Wagon

    Bored in Finance? Tired of teaching English? Attend this career workshop to understand the current job market in tech and what are the prospects for you in China this year. We’ll uncover the roles in high demand and how you can get the required skills asap.

    How to Digitize your offline activity?

    With the current pandemic situation in the globe, many companies have shifted part of their activity from offline to online to minimize loss or oppositely increase revenues. Lately, we have been doing this exercise for an product launch for an event agency and found out that it was nearly possible to make the whole event happening online. I will help brainstorm on how online solutions / tools can help have a positive impact on your business.

    How does the Founder Resilience impact business recovery in the post COVID-19 era?

    by Ying Wu, StartupCare

    As a founder/managing role, you may have met a lot of challenges during the past three months, such as cash flow pressure, losing clients, marketing events delay, HR issues, etc. What are the most effective measures that work for your business? What did you learn from this crisis? Join us in the workshop to share your experience. Also, we will share with you some valuable information about how founders act to cope with the crisis according to our surveys.

    Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a $1M Kickstarter campaign?

    by Eddie Tsai, Human Things

    Got a great product idea but don’t know where to start? We’ll walk you through an inspiring story of Human Things and how we turned a passion of making things into a successful business through crowdfunding - all without paying attention to investors, IoT, mobile apps, big data, blockchain, and other tech buzzwords.

    What Makes A Perfect Pitch?

    by Oscar Ramos, Chinaccelerator

    No one can ignore the power of a pitch. It’s tremendously valuable for entrepreneurs, as introducing your company to the public attracts investors, clients, partners, and talents for your business. Now here is a great chance for you to learn how to make a killer elevator pitch. At this workshop, we will walk you through the basics and principles of pitching and the red flags you need to notice.

    Ideas to Drive Continuous Innovation

    by Warren Li, AWS

    As startups grow and mature, maintaining the same drive and spirit becomes challenging as the team scales. Learn how Amazon uses certain mechanisms to maintain a Day 1 mentality that keeps the entrepreneurship spirit alive across large teams and drives continuous innovation at scale. In this workshop, we will introduce concepts such as Amazon’s Culture of Innovation, the growth flywheel, working backwards, and how we approach customer obsession.

  • TECOM Guide 社群指南

    This guide features tech and entrepreneur communities, incubators, accelerators, and startup service providers. It is a must have guide for every single entrepreneur and corporate innovator in Shanghai!




    *Download TECOM Conf Ecosystem Guide Shanghai 2020

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