• What Is TECOM Conf?

    TECOM Conf is China's first tech and entrepreneur communities conference. Our goal is to bring together members of the local and international scenes to build a diverse and inclusive community. Each year, TECOM Conf brings the most dynamic, engaging, and vibrant communities, startups, incubators, and innovative corporates under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.
    TECOM Conf是中国第一个专门为科技创业者社群举办的大会。我们的目标是将本地国际社群的成员汇聚在一起,以建立一个逐年扩展的更多元化,更具包容性的社群。每年TECOM Conf会带领最有活力、凝聚力、影响力的科技创业者社群汇聚一堂,让他们充分展示各自的价值理念,并与他们一起探讨科技创业者社群所面临的各种机遇挑战
    We hope with TECOM Conf we not only facilitate, strengthen, and promote China’s tech and entrepreneurial scene but also provide the bridge between corporates, startups, and professionals of various industries to connect, integrate and innovate without borders.
    我们希望TECOM Conf不仅能协助、加强并促进中国的科技与创业领域发展,而且可以为大企业,初创企业和相关行业的专业人士之间提供联结与融合,使(创)新无止境

  • SPEAKERS  分享嘉宾

    We invited founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, academia, and government representatives to share with us their experiences and lessons, industry insights, practical tips, and help to answer what comes next.

    Xiaofei Zhao

    Senior Solution Expert


    David R J Messenger


    LianLian Global

    Amit Gal-Or

    General Manager


    Oscar Ramos

    Partner & Managing Director


    Irving Chen

    Sales Director


    Benjamin Speyer


    Serica Group

    Jennifer Zhang


    Huadan Angel Investment

    Henry Huang


    Hakim Unique Group

    Fabian-Alexander Triebe

    Portfolio Manager

    8 Hours Ahead

    Frederic Bazin



    Michael Wang


    Fishburners China

    Nadezhda Bukina


    SanQ Marketing

    Marian Danko

    Founder & CEO


    Caroline Pujo



    Ervins Gorelovs



    Jake Watkin

    Managing Partner China

    8 Hours Ahead

    Aizada Nurkalieva

    Founder & CEO


    Carl Breau



    Daniela Sena


    Continental Comex

    Anthony Leung

    Managing Director

    ?What If! / Accenture

  • STARTUPS 初创企业


    TECOM Conf Startup Runway brings together budding entrepreneurs to collaborate and thrive. It is a platform where startup entrepreneurs can showcase their ventures, meet investors, engage with government organizations, attend knowledge sessions, network with business experts, pitch their projects, explore and find partnership opportunities and potential customers.
    TECOM Conf Startup Runway汇集了崭露头角的企业家,相互合作并蓬勃发展。它是一个聚合平台,创业企业家可以在此平台上展示自己的企业,与投资者见面,与政府组织建立友好关系,参加知识会议,与业务专家进行交流,推销他们的项目,探索并找到合作机会和潜在客户。

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    Tech and entrepreneur communities are the backbone of the innovation ecosystem. Communities encourage their members to collaborate, share ideas and learn. They foster growth and development. Get to know the community heroes at TECOM Conf Community Alley.
    技术与创业者社群是创新生态系统的中坚力量。社群鼓励其成员合作,分享想法,不断学习。他们促进成员的持续增长和发展。来TECOM Conf Community Alley,具体了解这些社群领袖吧。


    Join the workshop to learn from entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and industry professionals. There will be 4 workshops in total covering topics from marketing to fundraising to career development. Please notice that two workshops happening in parallel, select the ones you want to attend while registering for this event.

    Zerocode Project: Operating Your IT System Free from Engineering

    Frederic Bazin, Co-Founder at CoderBunker | 9:00-10:00
    Entrepreneurs, growth hackers, innovators... constantly challenge the flexibility of their team, manager, and IT system. The Agile revolution brought tremendous improvement to company culture. Nevertheless, Engineering remains expensive, challenging, and has a slow response to change. When business operations must adapt every minute, why should we create undocumented processes and collect ad'hoc data in spreadsheets? Isolation from the "traditional" IT system is the price to pay. Zerocode project proposes a radical approach to frees up non-coding users to access, operate and modify fully custom IT systems. We support you to operate your IT system without relying on Engineers.

    How to Structure, Position and Manage Your Startup for Short and Long-term Success

    Benjamin Speyer, Chair of Serica Group | 12:00-13:00
    90% of all startups fail. What surprises many young companies is that failure rates increase over time, with each round of funding increasing the chance of failure by about 50%. The best way of improving your chances of success is in the actions you take before, not after, you begin pitching for investment. Most startups begin fundraising after studying the market, focusing an MVP, and creating a business plan. But many, especially those outside the United States, fail to create an effective ‘investment vehicle’ to attract talent, investment, and customers. From tax-efficient company structures and effective corporate governance to intelligent equity vesting and board recruitment strategies, this workshop will guide you through the practical aspects of preparing your startup for short and long-term success.

    From Academia to Entrepreneurship

    Michael Wang, Founder & CEO at Fishburners China | 12:00-13:00
    If you are a university student, professor, or researcher, and you want to know how to find a co-founder, build a team, secure funding, deal with IP, etc. Then welcome to join a workshop hosted by Michael Wang, CEO at Fishburners China, and an active investor in tech companies.

    Building a Brand: 5 Steps to Get Started

    Nadezhda Bukina, CEO at SanQ Marketing | 13:00-14:00
    If you are reading this, you’ve probably had one or two ideas for starting a brand. You might even already have one! With the advancement of technology and the development of social media, starting a brand seems an easy task at first — but more often than not we find ourselves with a logo (God bless Canva), product, price, and mission, and no clue how to go further. Attend the workshop to receive a step-by-step guide on how you can start promoting your brand and get your first sales!
  • CO-HOSTS 联合主办

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  • PARTNERS 合作伙伴

  • TEAM 团队

    This is a time of big changes for industries across China. At TECOM Conf, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, academia, and government representatives to ask a simple question: What's next? As a partner, you can help us ask that question. Talk to our team about how TECOM Conf can help your company meet its goals.